Why I write…

I have not posted in ages… Life has been so incredibly busy and I have to confess I have not had motivation to write.

But I miss it.

I love to write and am going to start writing again. I love what writing does for me. It gives me a creative outlet, allows my mind to release the stress that builds up from my job and allows me to connect with someone.

I hope that something I will write on here will connect with someone, or be important to them in some way.

In three months {and two days}, us lovebirds get married. As much as we want the celebration and happy day with our family and friends — we cannot wait to just ‘be’ married and continue to build + nuture the life we are creating together.

I am working on some posts… and am hoping to keep it fairly consistent.

In the meantime, you can check out our instagram feed – foodielovebird … say hello; follow us to see regular shots of our life; food and more.

Currently enjoying miniature dachshund cuddles from Vader our beautiful pup. Hope you are keeping warm and enjoying the first winter weekend, thanks for visiting the nest 🐦🐦🐦


Welcome to the Nest…

It can be daunting trying something new but I am actually so excited to be starting to write and publish posts for my new blog, Two Lovebirds Nest.

My hope for this blog is that it will be a celebration of the new stage of life I am in as well as an exploration of interests that I haven’t previously written about on a regular basis. I have previously written extensively and often exclusively about beauty, fashion and styling.

My focus is now on house/home, decorating, food, lifestyle and relationships. I will also be including travel posts as it is a true passion of mine.

My name is Sarah and I am a mid 20s woman who has had a whirlwind two years. I met a wonderful man, fell in love, we got enagaged, and we purchased our first home together just over six months ago.


Creating a happy, loving home together has been amazing and is definitely inspiration for posts. As written in the about page we get called The Lovebirds and have had fun using that theme in various ways.

Currently we are saving for home projects + our wedding next year {see the countdown on the blog – 1 year, 5 months to go} and are parents to our beautiful, cheeky and loving miniature dachshund puppy called Vader (on IG @vadertheSausageDog &  #vaderthesausagedog).

You can find daily snapshots of my life on my personal IG account @saregiak as well as view our homestyle pictures grouped together using #twolovebirdsnest … Say hi or follow if you like what you see!

I am off to wake up Vader and take him out for a play in the garden. Will post later today.

Thanks for visiting the nest 🐦🐦