Doxie Dash 

Last year after buying our house we decided to get a puppy. Someone we knew had some miniature dachshund puppies and so we decided to pick one. On my birthday in December we got to go and take one home. We chose a red {tan in colour), boy puppy and named him Vader.

Our little furbaby. He is still very small, nine months old and weighs less than four kilos! He is a complete pocket rocket. Small in body but big in spirit.

Vader has melted our hearts and we are so glad that we picked a minature dachshund, he is a really good fit for my fiancè and I. The breed is so affectionate + cuddly (I am currently getting snuggles from Vader), cheeky + playful. Everyday is adventure!

I love to have a cute little face to come home to and always be excited that I am around. He loves to play, cuddle, eat carrot and the occasional piece of popcorn.

If you would like to see more furry doxie shots of our gorgeous Vader – click on to his instagram page VadertheSausageDog … speaking of instagram, we have one for the blog (@twolovebirdsnestblog), so check it out for daily photos and home/lifestyle/food inspiration. Follow if you like what you see.

Thanks for visiting the nest… 🐦