Our home, our sanctuary 

“I want to buy my first home before I turn 30″… 

This statement is one I made on my first date with my fiancé. We were connecting over dreams and life goals in a cosy coffee + dessert meet up. As we got to talking we realised that it was a mutual goal. I am not sure why 30 was the magic number {we are different ages, I am older by two years} but I did think it was pretty cool to have the same fundamental goal.

If I may flash forward to just under a year and a half from that cute date, it seems amazing that we were engaged and coming up on our settlement date.We had been looking at house for a few months – many of which were hidden horrors {loose carpet over plywood floors; cracked giprock; a garage that had been sold to the neighbour but opened into what would be our yard} but were shown to us as if they were amazing opportunities!

We were losing hope and after a trip to the USA + Mexico we came back home with focus and determination. That 2016 would be the year we purchased a house. One month later we walked through our house, it is cosy, has character and is on a great block. We knew it was meant for us from the moment we walked in the front door and had an offer accepted that afternoon. Meant to be!

Joel and I decided we wanted a house that is a home, we want our guests to feel comfortable and happy while they are here. Family and friends have commented on how they feel like they ‘come home’ when they are over. I love that. I grew up with a very open, welcoming, loving and music filled home – it makes me proud to be creating the same feeling.
The best thing is that our home has become our sanctuary. Once we walk in the door, we feel relaxed, safe and loved. We can be ourselves, unwind from the day, play or snuggle with our puppy and enjoy time together.

I think it is so important with how busy and full on life can get, that home is a place of comfort and happiness.

Thanks for visiting the nest 🐦 🐦